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Tool #3: Drought Communications Primer

Published: August 31st, 2021 | |

Jumpstart Water Shortage Toolkit (2021)


The purpose of this primer is to aid water suppliers in reaching heightened community participation and achievement in order to meet voluntary and/or mandatory water savings. To make this goal a reality, hundreds of interdependent planning and response actions need to be executed in a seamless manner. This primer identifies popular and effective water efficiency programs, along with the communication and outreach strategies that have been used by California water suppliers to educate customers, influence water use behaviors, and realize water savings.

The primer contains valuable information on the following:

1. The Communications Team – Building an organization that communicates to the public and media in a timely and strategic manner throughout the water shortage period.

2. Planning – How well devised and pre-planned communications ensure a better response.

3. Strategies – Diverse tactics and outlets for communicating with the media, customers, and internal management.

4. Water Efficiency Programs – A matrix of water efficiency programs to support customers in reducing their use.

5. References – Resources linking examples of effective water efficiency programs and communication materials/strategies.

Please note that the 2021 Toolkit is a members-only benefit and should not be distributed.

Special thanks to Maureen Erbeznik, Kim O’Cain, and Sonja Turner-Montaño for their work on this resource.


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