If you don’t have time to attend a million meetings each week related to SB 606/AB 1668, CalWEP, RWA, and ACWA have teamed up and have you covered. Our team will post bi-weekly updates for each standard below keeping you up to date on the latest developments as the SWRCB and DWR go through the regulation and rulemaking process. Have something you think we should be covering? Reach out to us at [email protected]

To recap, here is the breakdown of the water use objective:

CII performance measures will also be developed and information related to these are included in the updates with CII Landscape Standards.

Updates by Standard

Legislative Timelines & Status


February 2, 2022: Framework updates for Sonoma Marin Water Saving Partnership, CalWEP

September 29, 2021: Road to Water Use Efficiency Standards , SDCWA Presentation 

August 18, 2021: ACWA Water Use Efficiency Bi-Monthly Meeting



Comment Letters

ACWA/CMUA Outdoor Standard Comment Letter – August 17, 2021

ACWA Coalition Indoor Standard Comment Letter – June 4, 2021

RWA Indoor Standard Comment Letter – June 4, 2021

CalWEP Indoor Standard Comment Letter – June 4, 2021



Additional Resources

CalWEP Members: Framework Resource Hub

ACWA Members: Long-Term Water Use Efficiency Resources

DWR SharePoint



For any specific questions reach out to:
Tia Lebherz, CalWEP – [email protected]
Chelsea Haines, ACWA – [email protected]
Amy Talbot, RWA – [email protected]