Jumpstart Water Shortage Toolkit (2015)

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Water shortage contingency plans (WSCP) have been required as part of the water contingency analysis specified by the California Water Code 10632 since the early 1980s for urban water suppliers.1 Having a developed WSCP is an essential part of being prepared to respond to water shortages in a timely manner. This tool will provide an overview of WSCP development, reference resources and tools, and provide examples of WSCPs from around the state with the goal of helping agencies develop a WSCP quickly or refine an existing plan.2 The DWR Urban Drought Guidebook (2008) and the (2011) AWWA M60: Drought Preparedness and Response Manual are key resources for developing and implementing a WSCP. This tool will refer to these key resources, but does not seek to duplicate them.

Tools included:

#1 – Model Water Shortage Contingency Plans
#2 – Water Waste Ordinances and Enforcement Primer
#3 – Water Shortage Pricing Primer
#4 – Water Loss and Supply Alternatives Primer
#5 – Customer Programs and Communication/Outreach Primer
#6 – Local Water Supply Fact Sheet
#7 – Water Use and Loss Awareness Resources
#8 – Water School Curriculum
#9 – Water Resource Funding Primer

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