What is direct distribution?

Direct distribution allows water agency customers to purchase a device directly from the manufacturer at a discounted price. Unlike traditional rebate programs, the discount is taken at the point of sale making devices more accessible to customers. CalWEP has negotiated a discounted base price for each device and Participating Agencies can choose the level of cost-share they wish to provide to add to the customer’s discount. Currently, CalWEP runs direct distribution programs with Rachio for 16, 8, and 4 zone smart irrigation controllers, and Flume Water for their Flume 2 Device and a bundle offer with Flume 2 and an integrated Rainbird smart irrigation controller.

How does this program work?

Once a Participating Agency decides the amount of cost-share for each device it would like to provide and the total number of devices it wants to offer through the program, it will place funds on deposit with CalWEP for anticipated Program expenditures. CalWEP will send a monthly statement to Participating Agency outlining Program expenditures, deposit account balance, and details on rebates issued. 

Participating Agency can add funds to its deposit account at any time during the Program period. The deposit account will be used by CalWEP to pay Rachio or Flume for the Program implementation costs on a monthly basis. At the end of the agreement period, Participating Agency will have the option of receiving a check returning any remaining balance in the deposit account or applying the remaining balance to participation in the next year’s Program, or any other CalWEP program.


Why participate through this program?

CalWEP has negotiated special pricing and additional perks with each manufacturer only available through this program. Beyond making these devices easily available to your customers, Participating Agencies also gain access to new data and insights through agency-specific dashboards. This will allow CalWEP members to better understand how their customers are using the devices and where there are increased opportunities to save water.





For more information contact:

Linda Vo, Program Manager
(916) 475 – 1206