CalWEP’s Smart Rebates Program

Published: June 4, 2019

**Looking to apply for a Smart Rebate? Visit our online application here.**

Too many rebates and not enough time? Need assistance with administering rebate programs at your agency?

CalWEP has got you covered!

CalWEP members are eligible to participate in the Smart Rebates Program. This program allows water providers to scale up their rebate programs by partnering with CalWEP to handle the administrative tasks associated with processing and approving customer rebate applications. From clothes washers to toilets, residential to commercial, CalWEP is available to help your program grow and run smoothly.


Currently, the following water agencies and municipalities participate in the Smart Rebates Program:

  • Carpinteria Valley Water District
  • Casitas Municipal Water District
  • Casitas – City of Ventura
  • Casitas – Golden State Water
  • Casitas – Meiner Oaks Water District
  • Casitas – Senior Canyon Mutual Water Company
  • Casitas – Ventura River County Water District
  • City of Napa
  • City of Sacramento
  • City of Santa Barbara
  • Montecito Water District
  • Myoma Dunes Water Company
  • Solano County Water Agency

We would love to see your agency or municipality in this list! Check out our online application platform for customers.

Interested in the Smart Rebates Program? Please email [email protected] to set up an initial conversation.

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