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Tool #4: Water Use and Waste Awareness Programs

Published: July 6th, 2021 | , |

Jumpstart Water Shortage Toolkit (2021)

Providing tools and resources for your customers to become simply and quickly aware of, track, and manage the way they purposefully or inadvertently use water is a powerful customer service strategy. More and more customers want to know and control how much water they use, and these tools support the needs of the increasing number of digital citizens. The insights and data provided help democratize access to data for actionable information, so staff and their customers can prioritize and personalize solutions.

In this tool, we explore how different water agencies are using new and enhanced metering, sensor, and aerial imaging technology to provide useful data for tackling drought enforcement and conservation programming while providing customers with the tools they need to become effective water managers. Several of these technologies address one or more of the following issues: consumption awareness, water waste, leak detection, and customer support. Choosing the right tools depends on the water agencies’ goals for mitigating drought/water shortages and long-term water efficiency.For additional resources, check out, and for more agency program information, go to

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Special thanks to Maureen Erbeznik, Kim O’Cain, and Sonja Turner-Montaño for their work on this resource.

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