Lessons Learned: Dedicated Irrigation Meter Management for CII Accounts

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With upcoming expansion of irrigation meter programs, it is important to take a step back and analyze known information about the real-world application of these programs.

The California Water Efficiency Partnership conducted detailed interviews with nine diverse water suppliers from all regions of the state to take into account demographic and climatic differences. We further surveyed 56 additional water suppliers via an online survey. Our aim was to find answers to the following questions:

  • How many suppliers have already implemented a dedicated irrigation meter management program?
  • What were their experiences?
  • What have they learned?
  • What is still unknown?
  • Are meter management programs effective?

And more specifically:

  • Experiences with measurement and verification of the landscape area.
  • Experiences with creating appropriate budgets for that landscape area.
  • How to include any landscape still being irrigated and counted on the master meter.
  • Views on best practice management of landscapes with dedicated irrigation meters.
  • Any information on what urban water suppliers have found to be the most cost-effective options.

Results are divided into five components of implementing irrigation management programs: 1) Installation of irrigation meters, 2) Measurement of the irrigated area covered by dedicated irrigation meters, 3) Designing water budgets, 4) Utilizing water budgets, and 5) Engaging with customers

This “Lessons Learned” Guidebook was made possible with support from the California Department of Water Resources. It builds on landscape irrigation management resources previously developed by the California Urban Water Conservation Council, the California Water Efficiency Partnership, and others. 


Appendix 1 – Summary Data A
Appendix 2 – Water Agency Interviews (Anonymized) (excel)
Appendix 3a – CUWCC BMP 5 Handbook
Appendix 3b – CUWCC Landscape BMP Guidebook
Appendix 3c – CUWCC Large Landscape Programs 2014

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