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The Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Dedicated Irrigation Meter (CII-DIM) Standard

Published: October 18th, 2023 | , , |

Urban Water Use Objective

Updated October 18, 2023

SB 606 and AB 1668, signed in 2018 and referred to as the Long-Term Framework legislation, are intended to make conservation a California way of life. The legislation tasked the California Department of Water Resource (DWR) with providing regulation recommendations to the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) that include water use efficiency Standards and Performance Measures for urban retail water suppliers . Both are intended to improve water efficiency at an urban retail water supplier level. Standards establish quantitative requirements, such as annual water use relative to water budgets, that must be tracked and reported. Performance Measures are more qualitative in nature and will require implementation of various conservation measures and programs, for example. This cut sheet summarizes the State Water Board’s proposed regulation as released on August 18, 2023

CalWEP cut sheets are intended to provide conservation staff, managers, and board members with succinct summaries of elements that make up a retail supplier’s unique Objective, and include sections on how to comply with the legislation. Cut sheet topics include:

  • The Indoor Residential Standard
  • The Outdoor Residential Standard
  • The CII Dedicated Irrigation Meter Standard

Coming Soon:

  • The CII Performance Measures
  • The Water Loss Standard
  • Variances
  • Reporting Requirements

These cut sheets include the best currently available information. Should information change, CalWEP will update and re-release the cut sheets. 

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