Program Committee Notes – May 21, 2019

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Program Committee Meeting Notes

Tuesday, May 21st | 10:00 AM -12:00 PM


Jenyffer Vasquez, West Basin Nicholle Fratus, Contra Costa WD
Sofia Marcus, LADWP William Granger, City of Sacramento
Rory Duignan, LADWP Danielle McPherson, WaterNow Alliance
Dawn Calciano, City of Davis Luke Sires, EBMUD (Committee Chair)
Mick Cothran, Fallbrook PUD Robyn Navarra, Zone 7 (Committee Vice Chair)
Pat Costello, City of Napa Hien Nguyen, SWE Inc.
Lisa Cuellar, CalWEP (Staff Support) Krista Reger, MWD
Sherry Bryan, Ecology Action Alice Webb-Cole, MWD
Maureen Erbeznik, Consultant Madeline Wood, City of Santa Barbara
Kurt Elvert, SJ Water Sue Mossberg, Sweetwater Authority
Cooper Reaves, Contra Costa WD
Nola Hastings, IRWD
Linda Higgins, Placer County Water Agency
Shavonne Mays, Moulton Niguel WD
Chavon Halushka, Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency


  1. Welcome and Introductions (Lisa)
  2. Meeting Notes Update – March 19, 2019 (Luke)
  1. CalWEP Updates
    1. AMI RFP Template (Lisa)
    2. Long Term Framework (LTF) Conservation Tool (Lisa)
    3. Research Committee

Current Discussion: Savings Evaluation, LTF Joint Task Force, EMVB working group (methodology and standards to seamlessly evaluate programs considered being developed in conjunction with AWE R&E Committee)


  1. Task Force Topics (Lisa & Luke)
    1. Long Term Framework Joint Task Force

Tia  noted we are looking for guidance from members on where to focus our efforts/where priorities lie. We can take this info back to Peter at DWR.

Update: 1st Quarterly Urban Overview Meeting (5/20/19)

Lisa provided an overview of urban working groups as presented by                    the State Board and DWR on 5/20. Recommended that CalWEP members join the working groups and then inform the Program Committee on progress.

    1. Landscape, AMI, Water Loss, CII

Linda notes that many of the task force topics overlap with LTF and we need to tease those out.

William noted that the water loss meeting on 6/7 will offer additional information that could then inform water loss task force priorities.

Sue noted we need coordination with all water loss activities that are happening. There are a lot of disparate groups that are trying to get into this space. Make sure that these other groups are coordinated.

Nicholle noted as we go through the process of refining Task Forces we should refine the purpose of each of these task force.

Sofia noted we need to add an “outreach and education” task force, others agreed.

Rob agreed, how to gather info and how to present to customers.



  1. Other Business (Lisa)


  1. Announcements

Next Meeting

   Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

                                     10:00 AM – 12:00 PM








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