CORRECTION: Indoor & Outdoor Residential Standards

Published: October 23, 2023

Lisa Cuellar, Director of Programs

On Thursday, October 19th CalWEP published updated cutsheets that addressed the Indoor and Outdoor Residential and CII Dedicated Irrigation Meter Standards.

The Indoor and Outdoor Residential standards included a note on how to identify residential parcels that refer to the “county assessor’s roll.” This was taken from DWR’s recommendation to the State Water Board:

  • The Residential Indoor Standard applies to properties identified as "residential" in the county assessor roll including single family and multi-family parcels within a supplier’s service area.

However, it was brought to our attention that the State Water Board did not include this recommendation in their proposed regulation released August 13, 2023. Rather, suppliers are to utilize residential classifications that are consistent with their electronic annual reports.

CalWEP had corrected the cutsheets and published the updated version on Friday, October 20th. Look for a note “rev. 1” on the top header of the cutsheet to ensure you’re referencing the correct versions. Click here for a link to the updated cutsheets.

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