Indoor Residential Water Use Standard

The Basics

  • The indoor residential standard applies to both single family and multi-family housing units within a supplier’s service area.
  • The indoor residential standard is based on a gallons per capita per day metric and will decrease over time (details below).  The state will not enforce indoor budgets for individual residential parcels. 
  • Suppliers multiply population served by the indoor residential standard from DWR by 365 days to produce the supplier level annual indoor water use budget.
  • Changes to the current statute will require additional/future legislative actions.  Until that time, the current statute is what suppliers will be required to meet (details below).


August 2021

DWR released a draft indoor recommendations document in May 2021. The recommendations are lower than outlined in SB 606/AB 1668 (below table). An array of water agencies, NGOs, and coalitions submitted comments; you can see them all on DWR’s SharePoint here

DWR hosted an additional stakeholder meeting on July 19th, and we are now waiting for DWR to provide the finalized report to the Legislature in August 2021. As written into SB 606/AB 1668 – the Legislature is responsible to setting the indoor standard, so legislative action will be required for the recommendations to replace the current statute.

Timeline of events:

  • May 11 – DWR Draft Report proposed:
    • 2020: 55 gpcd (no change in current statute)
    • 2025: 47 gpcd (5.5 gpcd less than current statute)
    • 2030: 42 gpcd (8 gpcd less than current statute
  • July 19 – Additional DWR Workshop and last opportunity for stakeholder comments
  • Mid-August – DWR expects to release final report with recommended standard (*recommended standard requires legislation to go into effect)

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