On the ground resources to help communities save water


Sustainable Landscaping

A landscape that embodies the watershed approach to design is considered sustainable and resilient.  Such an approach is a deviation from traditional designs of turf-dominated landscapes that are water and energy intensive. The watershed approach promotes a balance between resource efficiency and protection, environmental stewardship and quality of life. And it asserts that landscapes that integrate elements of healthy watersheds will generate multiple benefits while reducing their overall water demand.

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Smart Water Rebates

Before sending in your application, verify your water provider does participate in our rebate program, otherwise your application will be denied. 

  • Smart Rebates is a statewide program administered by the California Water Efficiency Partnership that offers a list of measures for conservation product and appliance rebates.
  • The Smart Rebates Program is made possible with funding assistance from participating water utilities.
  • Partner agencies include: Carpinteria Valley Water District, Casitas Municipal Water District, City of Napa, City of Sacramento, City of Santa Barbara
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Direct Distribution Program

CalWEP currently partners with Rachio and Flume to offer a direct distribution program for water agency customers.

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Water and Energy

CalWEP will be working with UC Davis to provide support and technical assistance to water utilities on energy optimization of their water operations. This will help utility save money that can go to fund water conservation programs. Stay tuned for details.  Thanks to our partners at the U.C. Davis Center for Water-Energy Efficiency.

Project will run from 3rd quarter 2019 through 4th quarter 2020

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AMI Guidance

With funding from the California Department of Water Resources,  and authored by Don Schlenger and Associates, LLC, CalWEP’s AMI program produced two valuable documents:

  • A template RFP of AMR/AMI specifications regarding aspects of transmitted meter data and the formats that it may take. The referenced template document endeavors to be technology neutral, and presumes that the utility is soliciting proposals for a turnkey solution under the auspices of a prime contractor. The template document is a living document which can be used by water utilities and customized to suit their needs. Upon receipt of the template document, you are meant to modify the document for your particular needs.
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure: A Guidance Manual for Water Utilities This guidance manual covers most aspects of AMI projects. It is a compilation of new as well as updated material created and distilled by the author from some forty years of research, consulting and working with utilities in the areas of water meters, AMR, AMI, customer service, information technology, and water conservation. It provides a practical structure for thinking about and managing AMI projects, as well as tools and examples.

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Financing Sustainable Water (AWE)

Rates. Revenue. Resources.

Financing Sustainable Water is an initiative of the Alliance for Water Efficiency. It was created to provide practical information to guide utilities from development through implementation of rate structures that balance revenue management, resource efficiency and fiscal sustainability. This website will be updated frequently with new content and we encourage visitors to return often for additional information and resources. The Alliance serves as a North American advocate for water efficient products and programs, and provides information and assistance on water conservation efforts.

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