Download the Report   The California Urban Water Conservation Council published a series of Potential Best Management Practice (PBMP) Research […]

Download the Report Summary Water and energy utilities have historically relied on financial incentives and information dissemination to help customers […]

Download the Report INTRODUCTION Micro-irrigation allows for efficient irrigation, resulting in savings of water and power, and a reduction in […]

Download the Report INTRODUCTION “Smart” irrigation controllers such as soil moisture sensor (SMS) systems offer the opportunity to optimize irrigation […]

Download the Report INTRODUCTION Urban irrigation primarily applies water to either turfgrass or ornamental planting areas. The two most common […]

Download the Report Summary The purpose of this study was to detail examples of existing plan review processes with water […]

Download the Report INTRODUCTION Throughout the arid and semi-arid regions of California, landscape irrigation is a major component of per […]

Download the Report Project Scope and Method The California Urban Water Conservation Council has identified the replacement of liquid ring […]

Download the Report INTRODUCTION Responsible sustainable management of global water resources is one of the primary challenges of the 21st […]

Download the Report Summary Our analyses suggest that there are roughly 480,000 coin-operated washers in California spread across commercial laundromats […]

Download the Report Introduction Are tankless water heaters a water savings technology? In short, the answer is no. There are […]

Download the Report Background Pools, spas, and ornamental fountains with recirculating filtration and disinfection equipment can be found at homes, […]

Download the Report Background Pressure regulation comes in many forms: surge control, level control, pressure relief, pressure reduction or pressure […]

Download the Report Background The warewashing (dishwashing) industry is multifaceted. It produces equipment for both the food service industry and […]

Download the Report Introduction The use of ice for drinks, preserving and cooling food, and various other commercial purposes is […]

Download the Report Introduction Synthetic turf has evolved considerably since it was first introduced in 1965 under the trade name […]

Download the Report Background The purpose of this PBMP analysis is to address the waste of water that occurs in […]

Download the Report 1.0 Background Commercial vehicle washes present a two-part opportunity for water conservation based both upon differences in […]

Download the Report History The first hand-operated dishwashing machine was patented in 1850. However, a powered dishwasher with permanent plumbing […]

Download the Report Background It has been claimed that commercial laundries may be one of the major contributor to environmental […]

Download the Report Background Advent of Low-Flow Fixtures Beginning in 1992, a new water-efficiency standard for toilets and urinals became […]

Download the Report Submetering: An Effective Way to Conserve Water? Background Water consumption is usually master-metered in multifamily (MF) settings, […]

Download the Report 1.0 Background Commercial and industrial (mechanical) cooling systems have become commonplace throughout the United States and the […]

Download the Report Background Irrigation accounts for a large proportion of total urban water demand. It is also a key […]

Download the Report Background Food Service Application Food service operations in the commercial sector including restaurants, cafeterias, institutional kitchens and […]

Download the Report Background Processing Film Large-scale X-ray film processing (developing) with current technologies uses large amounts of water to […]

Download the Report Background Steam sterilizers, a subcategory of autoclaves, are utilized in three major applications: hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and […]