Rotating Nozzles (2014)

Published: March 25, 2014

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Urban irrigation primarily applies water to either turfgrass or ornamental planting areas. The two most common types of sprinklers are spray and rotor heads. A new sprinkler in the landscape irrigation arena is the multi-stream, multi-trajectory (MSMT) rotating nozzle. The technology is relatively new, with small rotating nozzles introduced in 2001 by the Walla Walla Sprinkler Company, a subsidiary of the Nelson Irrigation Corporation. Since then, a number of irrigation manufacturers are now producing and selling MSMT rotating nozzles: Hunter Industries, K-Rain, Rain Bird, and Toro Company.
This Potential Best Management Practice (PBMP) report focuses on the ability of the MSMT rotating nozzle to save water and the operational feasibility, and provides a recommendation of the device’s merit as a PBMP.


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