Water Use in Vacuum Pump Systems (2012)

Published: December 25, 2012

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Project Scope and Method
The California Urban Water Conservation Council has identified the replacement of liquid ring vacuum pumps with dry vacuum systems as a Potential Best Management Practice (PBMP). This investigation was undertaken to assess the potential viability of dry vacuum pump systems as a Best Management Practice (BMP) for urban water purveyors in California.

The assessment included:

  • A literature review to ascertain the latest technology in the market, its costs, benefits, and water
    savings potential
  • Interviews with representatives of relevant industry associations, and other regulatory bodies with
    jurisdiction with respect to this technology
  • Interviews with key staff of water agencies that have or have had programs involving dry vacuum pump systems
  • Evaluation of potential water savings and cost-effectiveness of different types of dry vacuum systems
  • Development of recommendations on the advisability of upgrading from a PBMP to a BMP.


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