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As we look ahead to 2021, California Water Efficiency Partnership is full steam ahead creating member driven tools, programs, and research that help you reach your efficiency goals. Scroll down to read more about our projects that are still looking for funding. Fill out the form below if you are interested in contributing and CalWEP staff will be in touch!

Special Projects
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Funding Opportunities for CalWEP Members

Jumpstart Water Shortage Toolkit

Jumpstart Water Shortage Toolkit

CALWEP is updating the Water Shortage Toolkit over the next few months. We’re starting with Tool #1 which will provide a checklist approach for compliance, resources and, hopefully, a few examples of stages and actions in WSCP provided by members. We realize that you are still in the development phase and have not adopted your UWMPs including the new WSCP. If you would like to include a sample (and we hope you will), we will make these anonymous examples. 

The complete update will create customer sector-based modules for single-family, multi-family, commercial, institutional that align with the state requirements, such as

  • Annual Water Supply and Demand Assessment Procedures
  • Shortage Response Actions
  • Communication Protocols
  • Compliance and Enforcement
  • Financial Consequences of WSCP
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • WSCP Refinement Procedures
  • Create templates, resources, examples.

To see what we are looking to update, check out the Toolkit here.

Funding needed: $52,020

CalWEP Advocacy Expansion

Over the coming year, State regulators will be moving forward on creating water targets for urban water suppliers. CalWEP will maintain a focus on the following:

  1. Outdoor residential water use efficiency standards
  2. Commercial Industrial and Institutional (CII) water use standard for outdoor irrigation for landscapes with dedicated meters
  3. CII performance measures
  4. Standards for specified statutory variances
  5. Water use objective (target) calculation guidelines and methodologies

CalWEP is seeking additional funding from members to support our technical policy work that will enable us to:

  • Provide members with strategy, policy, process, and technical information, and provide recommendations to support CalWEP regulatory strategy and advocacy objectives;
  • Convene or participate in strategy and planning meetings with CalWEP task groups and other water association coalition groups;
  • Monitor and regularly report on state regulatory activities and review regulatory proposals;
  • Prepare for and participate in public workshops and meetings;
  • Convene or participate in advocacy meetings with state decision makers;
  • Draft, revise, and prepare final comment letters and supporting documentation;

Funding needed: $50,000

MyCalWEP+ - Add On Member Benefits

CalWEP is excited to expand our add on member benefits to include innovative programs like Direct Distribution of water technologies. Learn more and let us know if you are interested in adding these programs to your membership! 

Sponsor Peer to Peer in 2021

We're bringing back Virtual Peer to Peer next year in June and are already seeking 2021 Sponsors. As a sponsor you'll receive access to free registrations and promotions. Most importantly you will play an integral part in ensuring Peer to Peer is a success!

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