If you don’t have time to attend a million meetings each week related to the SB 606/AB 1668, CalWEP, RWA and ACWA have teamed up and have you covered. Our team will post updates for each standard below keeping you up to date on the latest developments as DWR and the SWRCB go through the regulation and rulemaking process.  Have something you think we should be covering? Reach out to us at [email protected]

To recap – here is a breakdown of the water use objective:

Additionally there will also be CII Performance Measures

Updates by Standard


Legislative Timelines & Status

last updated July 2021

Indoor Standard (DWR)

  • May 11 – DWR Draft Report proposed:
  • 2020: 55 gpcd (no change in current statute)
  • 2025: 47 gpcd (5.5 gpcd less than current statute)
  • 2030:’ 42 gpcd (8 gpcd less than current statute
  • July 19 – Additional DWR Workshop and last opportunity for stakeholder comments
  • Mid- August – DWR expects to release final report with recommended standard (*recommended standard requires legislation to go into effect)

Outdoor Standard (DWR)

  • June 30 – Water suppliers LAM data correction/ request for ongoing data corrections
  • June 30 – Standards and Methodology Workgroup Meeting, DWR proposed
    • ET adjustment factor of 0.7
    • Irrigable not irrigated (INI) used as buffer (20% of INI)
  • August 30 – Deadline for DWR review submitted adjustment requests and deliver final LAM data to the suppliers
  • Next workshop: August

CII Performance Measures (DWR)

  • Ongoing discussions with DWR:
  • Threshold for mixed use meter conversion
  • Classification System
  • May 17 – DWR White Paper on BMPs
  • Next workshop: July 26 – DWR Monthly CII Meetings

Variance & Bonus (DWR)

  • July 21 @ 1:00 pm – DWR Monthly Meeting

Water Loss Performance Standards (State Water Board)

  • April 15 – revised draft economic model and performance standards
  • Ongoing discussions:
  • CMUA Compliance Path – >30% reduction
  • Changes to economic model
  • Fall? – Formal Rulemaking w/ 45 public comment period

Water Supply and Demand Assessment (DWR)

  • July – Draft guidance document
  • August – Workshop


For any specific questions reach out to:
Tia Lebherz, CalWEP – [email protected]
Chelsea Haines, ACWA – [email protected]
Amy Talbot, RWA – [email protected]