Welcome Linda Vo, CalWEP Program Associate

Published: October 21, 2020

CalWEP is thrilled to introduce our newest staff member, Linda Vo! After a rigorous search and interview process, we know that Linda will be a huge asset to the CalWEP team and to all our members. Unfortunately, with the pandemic keeping CalWEP events online for now, we wanted to find a way for all our members and partners to get to know Linda.

We sat down with her (virtually) to ask her some questions so that our members can get to know her a little better.  Feel free to welcome her and introduce yourself! Linda can be reached at [email protected]


Welcome to CalWEP, Linda. Tell us a little about yourself:

Hi! I’m Linda. I was born and raised in San Jose, but I now live in Sacramento. I graduated with Honors from UC Davis with a Bachelor of Science degree in Managerial Economics (with emphases in Business, Environmental, and Resource Economics) and a minor in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning. Before joining CalWEP, I was a Legislative Aide in the California State Legislature, a Water Conservation Assistant at the Alameda County Water District, and a CivicSpark AmeriCorps Water Fellow with the Local Government Commission. I'm so excited to be a part of the CalWEP family!

Why are you passionate about water conservation and efficiency?

I love everything about water. Being near water relaxes me, and you can usually find me near a water source, such as a lake or the ocean, during my spare time. While in school, I particularly enjoyed learning about water issues and policies. My interests in water made me realized that having recreational and educational access to water is important, especially for future generations. Therefore, I want to help protect our environment and water resources in my career. Working in the field of water conservation and efficiency allows me to do just that.

How have your past work experiences prepared you for this work?

I definitely feel that my past work experiences have prepared me to be a Program Associate at CalWEP. I have experience working on water conservation at the Alameda County Water District, so I understand the needs of a water district and how a water district functions. I have policy experience with the California State Legislature, so I know the ins and outs of the State Capitol and its complex legislative and budgetary processes, along with the people involved. I also did research while I was a student at UC Davis using data from the UC Davis Center for Water-Energy Efficiency. This position basically ties all of the experiences that I have so far together.

We got a lot of work to do! What are you most excited about?

Can I say that I’m excited about everything? CalWEP is an amazing organization, and I’m just so excited to be back in the water world where I can work on everything related to water efficiency and conservation. I’m also looking forward to meeting and working with people who share the same interests in regard to water like me.

What do you like to do outside of the office?

I enjoy hiking, baking, cooking, and petting dogs.

⚡️ Lightning round ⚡️ 

Favorite movie: Frozen 2 because of Olaf
Favorite music artist: I have quite a few favorites, but right now I really love EDEN (an alternative/indie singer, songwriter, and producer).
Favorite food: Thai food!
Favorite hot sauce: Sriracha
Favorite season: Fall!
Go-to drink order: Iced soy matcha green tea latte
Dogs or cats?: Dogs, especially golden retrievers

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