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2019 Winter Plenary


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Water Smart Innovations 2019


Featured Sessions from CalWEP and The Alliance for Water Efficiency

Tuesday, October 1
AWE WaterSense and Water Efficient Products Committee Meeting 8:30-10:00 am in Napa A
AWE Education and Outreach Committee Meeting 10:30-12:00 in Napa A
AWE Water Efficiency Research Committee Meeting 1:30-3:00 in Napa A
AWE Annual Member Meeting 5:00-8:00 pm ion Sonoma C

Wednesday, October 2
1:30pm “AWE Landscape Transformation Research Project – Assessment of Utility Programs and Market Readiness Evaluation” – Maureen Erbeznik
1:30pm “So Many Water Efficiency Codes and Standards and Programs – How to Choose” – Thomas Pape

Thursday, October 3
9:00am “Scorecards Galore: State Policy Resources to Track and Initiate Progress” —  Bill Christiansen
11:00am “Developing Sustainable Urban Landscapes:  AWE’s Research and Programs” – Mary Ann Dickinson
3:30pm “Progress Toward a Multi-Benefit Framework for Water Management: Sustainable Landscapes Test Case – Lisa Cuellar and Sarah Diringer

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