You can’t walk on water, but you can monitor it. At Flume, our mission is to empower people and communities to understand how we use water by liberating the data behind it, right from the meter pit. With a sensor that installs in minutes, Flume offers a smarter way to track and reduce your use, providing whole-home high-resolution water use to data to utilities and homeowners to encourage smarter consumption and disaggregates indoor and outdoor water use. With real-time  monitoring down to the minute, granular leak detection and water budgeting, Flume partners with water utilities across the United States to reduce water demand, bring water education and awareness to communities and satisfy customer satisfaction objectives

To date, Flume’s utility programs have been wildly successful with over 66% of customers finding leaks and as high as 88% reporting changes in water use behavior. With real-time monitoring at-hand, customers report feeling less inclined to reach out to their utility’s customer service teams, while improving their opinion of their own utility as a result of having access to this high-definition water use and leak data.

Flume is a one-stop shop for utilities interested in improving their relationship with customers and gaining powerful insights into customer water use, empowering both with the information they need to be smarter about their use. Better yet, Flume provides aggregate ins

ights to utilities to improve demand planning efforts and water use efficiency objectives through our Utility Portal.

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