NEW GUIDE: Fire-Resilient Landscaping

Published: July 24, 2023

CalWEP's Implementation Guides are expanding with our newest guide on Fire Resilient Landscaping.

Due to climate change, fire suppression, and stressed and diseased vegetation, wildfire season is expanding, with larger and more frequent fires. With urbanization spreading into wildland areas, damage to structure and landscapes can be severe. We can reduce the impact of wildfires by choosing materials and designs less prone to fire. Systematic maintenance of buildings and grounds are also critical to reduce the flammability of an area.

CalWEP's Landscape Taskforce (part of the Program Committee), recently pulled together this important resource for CalWEP members. 

The resources contained in this guide cover preventative measures, rebuilding, ongoing maintenance, and legislation. Resource links include websites, videos, PowerPoint presentations, guides, lists, flowcharts, design templates and California laws. For site specific recommendations, codes, guides, etc., refer to state, county, and local building and fire codes.

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