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Service Providers

A & N Technical Services, Inc. A & N Technical Services, Inc. provides expertise in empirical policy analysis, economics, and statistics applied to water resources. The firm’s team of professionals has broad experience in applications such as water efficiency and recycling, and water supply and demand estimation, and system optimization and simulation. We have worked for organizations such as the Water Research Foundation, RAND, USBR, the EPA, California Urban Water Agencies, CalWEP, the Alliance for Water Efficiency, and numerous water agencies. Contact: Thomas W. Chesnutt, [email protected], (760) 942-5149.
Bottom Line Utility Solutions, Inc. Bottom Line has been providing turnkey installations of water saving upgrades since 2000. Our scope of work includes plumbing and irrigation replacements for single-family, multi-family, commercial and public sector customers. We also have worked directly with numerous water agencies across the State for over 15 years, marketing and implementing direct install programs. Our value to agencies is that we can provide a quick and significant impact on demand side water usage. Our key to success is a long list of existing real estate and institutional clients, strong marketing programs to reach and enroll customers, and an award winning operations group that provides superior construction work and customer satisfaction. We are available to work with agencies looking to implement programs anywhere in the western States. Contact: Rob Edelstein, [email protected], 949-933-6033.
Dickinson Associates Mary Ann Dickinson’s new consulting firm, based in southern California, specializes in sustainable water resource management, drawing on over 50 years of experience in planning, policy, water resources, and water efficiency. We team with many well-known experts to address problems of drought, water scarcity in planning, and resilient sustainable policies and programs. Contact: Mary Ann Dickinson, [email protected], 909-225-0479.
Eagle Aerial Solutions Eagle Aerial Solutions has a long history of providing aerial imagery, geographic data and analytic services in California. The Eagle team is conducting the statewide irrigated vegetation analysis for DWR and is providing advanced parcel-level irrigated vegetation analysis for individual water districts throughout California.  Eagle has teamed with CalWEP to develop the easy-to-use WaterView™ web-based water efficiency software that allows water districts to track their on-going efficiency from the district level down to the individual parcel, with tools to manage efficiency campaigns and customer communication. Contact: Jazmine Molloy, [email protected], (714) 754-7670 x700.
Green Media Creations, Inc. Green Media Creations, Inc. (GMC) is a PR/Outreach, Education and Marketing consultant for public agencies and private companies in the green industry or involved with green practices. GMC offers graphic design, video production, website design and maintenance, and photography to supplement all of its services. GMC is a Minority Owned Business and Small Business Enterprise. Its principal has over twenty-five years of experience in water conservation and outreach practices. GMC specializes in working with disadvantaged communities and is trilingual in English, Spanish and Mandarin. Contact: Silvia Gutierrez, [email protected], (747) 241-8555
Maddaus Water Management Maddaus Water Management is a Women Owned Business and Small Business Enterprise with over 24 years of experience. MWM brings an unparalleled understanding of demand forecasting with climate change and water conservation including Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional (CII) conservation programs, AMI data analysis, water shortage contingency planning and system water audit validation. MWM has a customer Water Auditing Tool and a Decision Support System Least Cost Planning Model (DSS Model) that prepares detailed demand projections. Contact: Lisa Maddaus, [email protected], (916) 730-1456
Maureen Erbeznik & Associates Maureen Erbeznik & Associates is a consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, program design and assessment, implementation and marketing campaigns for water efficiency programs. On behalf of her clients, Maureen identifies strategies for water use efficiency measures and diverse customer markets; secures political and community support; obtains required funding through grants and other sources; and directs the new initiatives. Contact: Maureen Erbeznik, [email protected], (310) 621-4577.
O'Cain Consulting, Inc. O'Cain Consulting, Inc. is a woman owned DBE/SBE firm with 20-years experience developing and implementing water conservation programs, policies, and outreach. The Water Saver Toolkit is a customizable, plug and play package of materials for water utilities to quickly implement rebates, school programs, outreach, and ordinances. Contact: Kim O'Cain, [email protected], (424) 272-0766
Track I.O. Technologies With a staff that has over 20 years of experience, Track I.O. Tech designs, develops, and runs water efficiency programs for water utilities all over California. We offer Water Performance Reports, Residential/Light Commercial Water Surveys and Rebate Programs, among other customized services. Our cloud-based custom applications provide end customers a dedicated, secure web portal to track and manage water use trends. Track I.O. Tech brings resource savings through knowledge and awareness. Contact: Julio Sanchez, Marketing Partner, [email protected], (562) 999-4505 x104.
Water Efficient Garden We provide 1) online landscape design services for water efficient gardens that include native and drought tolerant landscaping, rain gardens, and veggie gardens; and 2) landscape transformation rebate application and assistance services. We educate and encourage all our clients to participate in the landscape transformation rebate programs, and we have achieved 100% success for all applications submitted. Contact: Shelkie Tao, [email protected], (408) 569-2045.
Water Systems Consulting, Inc. Water Systems Consulting, Inc. (WSC) provides water-related services to agencies throughout California. The firm’s team of engineers, scientists, planners, hydrogeologists, and communications professionals deliver comprehensive water resource solutions across the water cycle and the project lifecycle. Services include water resource planning, program management, demand analysis and forecasting, and infrastructure master plans. Contact: Spencer Waterman, [email protected].
Water Systems Optimization, Inc. WSO works with water agencies to better understand and control their water losses. Our services include water loss assessment and data analysis, field work support, and water loss program strategy development. We offer a wide range of support, including Level 1 Water Audit Validation, in-depth water audit data source review, meter testing design and implementation, real loss component analysis, leak detection design and implementation, water loss strategy development, and regulatory compliance assistance. WSO works with agencies just starting their investigation of water losses alongside agencies on the frontier of water loss management techniques. Contact: Kate Gasner, [email protected], (415) 533-0419.
WaterSmart Software, Inc. WaterSmart is a customer engagement and data analytics platform currently utilized by over 150 utilities coast to coast. WaterSmart helps water utilities to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction by surfacing actionable insights for utility staff, making it easy for customers to self-serve online and engage with their utility on their terms. WaterSmart has been proven to increase efficiency by 2 to 5% and raise customer satisfaction by 25%. Contact: Ali Barsamian, [email protected], (415) 366-8622.
Western Policy Research WPR specializes in the following core areas: Statistical Evaluation of Conservation Programs, Econometric Demand Forecasting, Cost and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis, Surveying, and Conservation Savings Analysis. We can assist in the development of conservation master plans, urban water management plans, drought plans, and other agency-level or regional water policy initiatives. The firm’s Principal and founder is Anil Bamezai, PhD. Contact: Anil Bamezai, PhD, [email protected], (310) 314-7691.

Products and Manufacturers

Flume Before Flume, homeowners had no means by which they could effectively measure their water use. Instead, they relied on monthly snapshots from their bill. Inspired by the cycle of drought in California and broad-based messages from utilities asking them to save water, Flume’s founders created a solution that gives homeowners real-time insights: the Flume Smart Water Monitor and app. Flume empowers users with a DIY solution that offers minute-by-minute use information, leak detection, and personalized water budgets. Contact: Clay Kraus, [email protected], (303) 549-0566.
Hunter Industries Inc Hunter Industries is a global manufacturer of irrigation components for the residential, commercial, golf and agricultural markets. We also produce low voltage and line voltage landscape lighting systems for the professional installer. Helping our customers succeed is what drives us. While our passion for innovation and engineering is built into everything we do, it is our commitment to exceptional support that we hope will keep you in the Hunter family of customers for years to come. Contact (Nor-Cal): Chris McNairy, [email protected] 707-695-3890. Contact (So-Cal): Mike Madewell [email protected] (760) 583-4479 .
Pump Pod USA We manufacture the DRAFTS Unit the premier “Full Flow” Water Recirculator designed for Fire Departments to use during training & pump testing. Each Unit saves between 4 to 8 Million gallons of water per year! The DRAFTS Unit is NOT a simulator it is the only product that allows real world full GPM and pressure flows from any and all nozzles which includes a working Portable Hydrant. The Unit also simultaneously prevents the Dry Weather Run-off of the same number of Gallons of water saved. We have teamed up with a dozen water agencies to help them meet their conservation goals. Contact: Bill Ward, Executive Director, [email protected], (949) 246-6999.
Rachio ttps:// Rachio is working at the intersection of residential water and technology to make sustainable water use effortless and personally rewarding. Founded in Denver in 2013, Rachio invented the first-ever smart sprinkler controller and remote watering app. Now on its third-generation technology, Rachio helps deliver the right amount of water to your yard, automatically, and has saved homeowners billions of gallons of water. Rachio’s ecosystem of natural and sustainable yard care products create beautiful, thriving yards that are safe for kids, pets, and the environment. By continuing to research and evolve the right products for every yard, Rachio helps customers effortlessly bring their yards to life. Contact: Danielle Cumming, Senior Utility Manager, [email protected].
Rain Bird Corporation Rain Bird Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of irrigation products and services headquartered in Azusa, California. Founded in 1933, Rain Bird offers the broadest range of irrigation products for farms, golf courses, sports arenas, commercial developments and homes in more than 130 countries. Our commitment to The Intelligent Use of Water™ shows not only in our high-quality products but also through our expert water management professionals who share their passion for water conservation. Contact: Rick Foster, [email protected], (626) 812-3440.
Shower Stream Berkeley National Lab's studies show that 70% of bathers leave their shower empty after it's warm. This results in $30,000 wasted per year for the average hotel. The Shower Stream Smart Shower System is a network of smart shower head adapters that install as easy as a light bulb, saves the waste, proves the savings via the web and is completely unobtrusive to the user. Here's a quick demo video: Contact info: Ian Howard, [email protected], (512) 644-0836.
Waterless Co., Inc. Since 1991, Waterless Co. Inc. has been the worldwide, industry standard for no-flush/non-water urinals. We offer the largest model line of waterless no flush urinals, specialty liquids for urinals and floor drains, fixture cleaners and deodorizers. Contact: Klaus Reichardt, [email protected], (760) 727-7723.