CII-DIM Performance Measures Comments

Published: November 24, 2021

CalWEP and the California Data Collaborative submitted a joint comment letter to the Department of Water Resources related to their draft regulations of SB 606/AB 1668. 

In a collaborative effort CalWEP and CaDC prepared this technical memo that offers a limited economic feasibility analysis for the splitting of mixed-use meters (MUMs) on CII accounts by installing DIMs. The results of the analysis were produced using an Excel-based Feasibility Tool for splitting MUMs produced by the California Urban Water Conservation Council (now CalWEP) in 2013. The tool accounts for applied irrigation, capital costs of installation, water and sewer rates, and agency funded DIM program incentives, amongst other factors. Ultimately, the results contained in our technical memo can help identify conditions under which splitting MUMs at CII accounts is cost-effective for a water agency.

Please note that this feasibility analysis was initiated following the October 25, 2021 DWR meeting where a CII DIM threshold of 20,000 square feet was first introduced. This allowed only 21 working days to gather and analyze data. However, given this relatively narrow window to conduct the analysis, both CalWEP and CaDC are confident that the output generated by the Feasibility Tool is sufficient to provide baseline economic feasibility data for split meter programs.

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