Published: March 15, 2005

A Guide to Data and Methods for Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Urban Water Conservation Best Management Practices


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The present revision to the Cost and Savings Study (2000) has taken place in two parts. This document contains both parts, completed in the first and second year respectively of the revision process. The following sections have been revised—or added to—the Cost and Savings Study.

  • A new chapter on Program Cost Accounting has been added (Chapter 3)
  • Section 1 has been slightly revised to include two new tables—one regarding BMP requirements and the other summarizing costs and savings. The matrix table has also been revised to reflect the additional conservation devices and activities.
  • A new section for each of the following topics:
    • Conservation Pricing
    • Irrigation Controllers (Residential)
    • Food Service Equipment
    • Film Processing (X-Ray)
  • A revised section on the following topics:
    • High Efficiency Washers
    • Hot Water Circulation on Demand
    • Universal Metering and Submetering
    • Large Landscape
    • Residential Ultra Low Flow Toilets
    • CII Ultra Low Flow Toilets
    • Residential Surveys
    • CII Surveys, Cooling
    • System Audits and Leak Detection
    • Residential plumbing retrofits (minor revision)
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