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BMP 1.1:  Operations Practices
BMP 1.1 Wholesale Program Mgt.
List of Reported Water Waste Policies and Ordinances Links, 2010. 

BMP 1.2:  Water Loss control

Water Loss Control Downloads:

This FREE Water Audit Software allows water utilities to compile a preliminary audit in the standardized and transparent manner advocated by AWWA.  Version 5.0, is now available from AWWA.  Agencies may report using version 4.1 or newer, including version 5.0.  The only reporting change agencies choosing to use version 5 will experience is that the operational efficiency indicators will not be imported and shown on the online BMP 1.2 reporting form automatically.  The display of the operational efficiency indicators does not affect coverage with the BMP.

Login to access the Component Analysis Guidelines andLeak Repair Data Collection Guide.  The Component Analysis Guidelines provides agencies with a standard set of data collection requirements and calculations needed to support a component analysis. The Leak Repair Data Collection Guide provides a basic tool for collecting data. These use of these tools is optional but can help with meeting BMP 1.2 requirements.

The Water Research Foundation in partnership with the EPA and Water Systems Optimization developed a real loss component analysis tool developed by -  WRF project 4372.  The Component Analysis tool is developed to work with data from the AWWA Water Audit Software.  The WRF project page includes links to download the free component analysis tool, and the research report.  Use of the WRF Component Analysis tool is optional, but may be helpful tool for agencies looking to complete a component analysis as required by BMP 1.2 by year 4.

Training Resources:

The Council has a 3 hour on demand Webinar Workshop to help agencies meet the BMP 1.2 training requirements.  To access the Council’s Water Loss Webinar recording, send in the completed  registration form. Completing the training with this webinar meets the BMP 1.2 AWWA Water Audit Software and Component Analysis training requirements.

The WRF project 4372 page includes a link to view a webinar recording demonstrating the tool.

View the Water Loss Resources page for more information.

BMP 1.3:  Metering With Commodity Rates

View a list of agencies who completed the BMP 1.3 Meter Replacement Plan and Feasibility Study

List of agencies who completed and submitted electronically to the Council a written plan
List of agencies who completed and submitted electronically to the Council a feasibility study

BMP 1.3 Mixed Use to Dedicated Irrigation Meter Feasibility Study Spreadsheet

The BMP 1.3 Feasibility tool is an optional tool that can be used by agencies to meet this requirement. If an agency has already completed their study, they do not need to use this tool. The Council conducted a webinar training for this tool on May 30, 2013. A recording of the webinar is available for free to members, click here to access the training recording. Use the following links to download the power point presentation (full page slides, 3 slides per page), and printable pdf of the excel based tool.

BMP 1.4:  Retail Conservation Pricing

Option 2:
CWWA Model: Excel based tool developed by the Canadian Water Works Association (CWWA) to calculate the uniform volume rate based on a water supplier's long-run incremental cost of service and the associated meter charge.
BMP 1.4 Option 2 Rate Design Model

Rate Model Manual (PDF, 7.17 MB)

ALAEA Model: The BMP 1.4 Option 2 ALAEA Model is a streamlined version of the CWWA rate design model. As with the Canadian model, this revised model can be used to calculate the uniform volume rate based on a water supplier's long-run incremental cost of service and the associated meter charge. Agencies using this model to meet the BMP 1.4 coverage requirement must use the At Least As Effective As (ALAEA) option and upload the completed model when reporting on BMP 1.4. Click here to download the zip file containing the Revised Option 2 model.

Option 3:

The BMP 1.4 Option 3 Matrix Score Calculator assists with calculating a BMP 1.4, Part 1, Option 3 score under the changes to the MOU adopted on June 22, 2015.  The tool includes an integrated proportionality worksheet to calculate your agency's proportionality ratio.

BMP 1.4 History
or a history of the creation and evolution of BMP 1.4, visit the BMP 1.4 Committee webpage.

Other Tools:
Sample Spreadsheets for Conservation Rate Structures
Excel spreadsheet examples to be used for designing, evaluating and implementing conservation rate structure.
Bill Analysis
Demand Analysis
Rate Analysis

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