Excellence Awards

Two annual excellence awards honor the memory of two individuals--Mike Moynahan (formerly of Metropolitan Water District of Southern California) and Llana Sherman (County of Ventura). Both Mike and Llana made exceptional contributions of time, creative energy, integrity and knowledge to the promotion and implementation of water use efficiency in California and were an inspiration to others. Their contributions were similar, but in different arenas.

The Llana Sherman Local/Community Innovations award is given to individuals who demonstrate innovation, commitment, dedication, integrity, creativity and outstanding service in the field of water resource efficiency.

These awards are special in that they are chosen by a committee comprised of previous award winners. Every year, new award winners join the long list of others who were chosen by their esteemed peers and colleagues.

In Honor of Llana Sherman

Llana’s contributions focused at the local level on the Central Coast of California, through community activism and her professional commitment. As the first female member of the Goleta Water District Board, she advocated for more aggressive water management and pioneered water conservation well before it was common practice. She faced significant local resistance at that time. She worked tirelessly as a policy maker,  professional staff member and community activist to assure protection of the area’s precious water supplies.  

As a  professional in water conservation, her programs were innovative, creative, effective, and had tremendous impact in the community. Her efforts helped change the approach to water management in the Central Coast, and influenced water and growth policy in California.  


In Honor of Mike Moynahan

Mike’s leadership, innovation, and accomplishments were instrumental to the creation of statewide water conservation practices that have become models for others throughout the United States.

As manager of conservation for The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California in the midst of a major drought, he created an integrated, large-scale conservation effort that ranged from partnerships with urban inner-city community groups to partnerships with the business community, including corporations such as McDonald's. 

Mike brought a business approach to conservation that focused on cost effectiveness to justify programs, and that approach enabled him to effectively “sell” conservation to agencies and individuals previously skeptical about the benefits of efficiency. He was a unique visionary who also had the ability to achieve tangible results on a large-scale basis.

Award Recipients


2015 Llana Sherman Excellence Award for Local/Community Innovations:  William Granger, City of Sacramento

William Granger received the 2015 Llana Sherman Excellence Award for Local/Community Innovations. William Granger has been developing and implementing local conservation programs for multiple communities for more than 14 years. William is currently the Water Conservation Administrator for Sacramento were he has expanded the City’s conservation efforts, helping Sacramento reduce its cumulative summer water consumption – from June through August – by 34.1% as compared to the summer of 2013. The City’s conservation target is 28%. What makes the reduction an outstanding achievement is the fact that the City is only partially metered. Most residents are unaware of how much water they actually use.

William is also a member of the statewide Independent Technical Panel charged with recommending new innovative demand management measures, technologies and approaches to water use efficiency beyond the 2020 horizon. He has promoted local adoption of efficiency practices through organized landscape and commercial seminars, and he has advanced conservation research through participation in the Department of Water Resources statewide graywater pilot study. William Granger is a dedicated, highly motivated advocate for water use efficiency, working to make local implementation of water use efficiency a way of life and an integral part of the communities in which he has worked.

2015 Mike Moynahan Excellence Award for Statewide/Institutionalized Innovations: Kent Frame, Department of Water Resource


Kent Frame received the 2015 Mike Moynahan Excellence Award for Statewide/Institutionalized innovations. Kent has been with the DWR Water Use and Efficiency Branch since 2001. As a dedicated, highly motivated public servant and advocate for water use efficiency, Kent has worked to make implementation of water use efficiency an integral part of California’s water policy. He is exceptionally focused and has been able to lead a diverse team in the extremely challenging environment of exceptional drought.

For more than 10 years, Kent has had a lead role in implementation of DWR’s California Irrigation Information Management System for urban conservation. In 2011 he was tapped to supervise the DWR teams implementing projects required by the Water Conservation Act of 2009 (Senate Bill X7-7). He played a key role in reaching out to stakeholders through the CII Task Force and was responsible for the preparation of its report to the Legislature in 2014. Kent has also acted as lead on implementation of Executive Order B 29-15 and the resulting statewide lawn and appliance rebate programs.