Partnership Store FAQ:


Q: How do I register multiple attendees and checkout once?
A: Some events, like our plenary, allow you to enter multiple attendees names and contact info for each 'item' added to the Cart.  For these events simply add each name, up to the maximum number of names per item.  If you need to add more than the maximum per item, add the first item to the cart and then add details to another item.  See details below for more information.  Please set quantity equal to the number of attendees listed per 'item'.

Some events are formatted to allow one attendee to be registered per each item added to the cart.  Below are the instructions to register multiple attendees and checkout once:
1. Add attendee information - make sure quantity is set to 1.
2. Click add to cart.
3. Return to the registration page for this event and repeat.
4. Check out when all attendees have been added


Q:  How do I estimate shipping and who do you use for shipping?
A:  After you add the item to cart, but before checkout, select the "calculate my shipping" button underneath the subtotal.  Enter the shipping Country, State, and Zip Code. Select 'get rates'.  Your shipping estimate will appear.  We ship UPS Ground to the US Continental 48 States.

Q:  Shipping cost does not appear on checkout, how do I add shipping to my order?
A: After a valid shipping address is entered your shipping will calculate automatically.  If it does not calculate automatically, then try refreshing your browser.  To validate your shipping address, you may want to enter it into an online mapping services such as google maps.

Refund Policy, and Order Processing:

Please see our refund policy page.

General Technical Difficulties:

There are several ways to complete you registration or purchase if you are experiencing technical difficulties with the store. First, you may want to try a different browser, see our FAQ page for a list of supported browsers and browser versions. This should resolve most issues. If this does not resolve the issue, please consider sending us a message with 1) a description of the issue, 2) your operating system name and version, 3) your browser name and version. The browser version is very important and is often listed in a menu under 'about', or 'help' - a simple google search may reveal where the browser version is located.

Still have questions?

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You may also contact staff by email or phone, 916-552-5885.