CUWA Water Savings Study


View water savings from more than 50 devices in this study from California Urban Water Agencies.  As part of the Phase 1 Water Savings Study, CUWA developed and prioritized a comprehensive list of water savings technologies/measures. CUWA conducted a literature review and surveyed member agencies to document available water savings and useful life data for each technology/measure.  This study is available to Partnership Members by logging into the website.  Once logged in, a download link will appear below.

Practical Plumbing Handbook


The California Water Efficiency Partnership has updated it’s very popular  Practical Plumbing Handbook. This 48-page booklet is jam-packed with helpful information for consumers on conserving water and fixing common leaks and other plumbing problems in the home.

English and Spanish Versions available.

BMP Implementation Guidebooks

BMP Guidebooks

BMP Implementation Guidebooks - See BMP Resource pages for each BMP. Member login required.

BMP Cost and Savings Study Reports

CSS Reports

The BMP Cost and Savings Study reports identify and summarize the best available information about water conservation program costs and water savings. For a list of reports, click here.

PBMP Reports

PBMP Reports

A PBMP is “any device, program, technology, or practice” “that has the potential for cost-effective, practical water conservation implementation.” Since 2004 the Council has published over 25 PBMP reports. For a list of downloadable reports, click here.

Turf Removal and Replacement: Lessons Learned

Turf Removal

A thirsty California uses over half of its urban water deliveries on landscape irrigation. Water intense turf grasses are the historical foundation of California landscaping. Water shortages, among other catalysts, are pushing California away from traditional turf grass landscapes towards sustainable landscaping. The transition from a turf-based landscape involves two steps. Turf removal is the first step, turf replacement the second. Customers’ aesthetic preferences, geographic location, and bank accounts, along with product market availability, influence both turf removal and turf replacement decisions. Statewide, water agencies are managing turf removal programs that stipulate replacement requirements, incentivizing a California landscaping transformation.