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41 gallons per household per day

That's what one study posted on this site indicates could be water conserved using weather-based automatic irrigation controllers. The savings are reported to be even greater on commercially sized landscapes (as much as 472 gallons per day or more!). And with this reduction in water use comes an additional benefit: a companion reduction in dry-weather runoff and reduction in waterborne contaminants.


CA Smart Controller Study Final Report

An Evaluation of California Smart Controller Study Report was finalized on July 1, 2009. This report presents an evaluation of the California Weather-Based Irrigation Controller programs. This project presents empirical data on the performance of smart controller products distributed and installed through different methodologies in a wide variety of settings. This report is intended to fulfill a key requirement of the DWR grants and provide information and guidance for future smart controller and landscape conservation programs.

The report reflects the results of an effort that began over four years ago in cooperation with the California Department of Water Resources, the California Urban Water Conservation Council, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and their 26 member agencies, and a consortium of six water agencies in northern California led by the East Bay Municipal Utility District.

Please refer to the Final Report for the full text and language of the study results.