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Commercial food service represents one of the larger water using sectors in the non-residential category. Think about it.....thousands of meals prepared and hundreds of thousands of pieces of dishware washed every year in just a single restaurant establishment! Water use in food service is especially important because the high volume applications in those facilities are generally using HOT water. As such, the energy required to heat that water can be significant and the energy utilities recognize this! The reduction of hot water consumption is therefore of much interest to both the energy utilities and the water providers.

Escalating energy costs in the past few years resulted in food service operators focusing more attention on their utility bills and seeking ways to reduce those bills. Hearing this, the manufacturers of restaurant equipment and fittings have responded with research, development, and production of new and very efficient products.

Very Special Thanks to the Food Service Technology Center!
Water providers are extremely grateful for the attention and resources provided by the FOOD SERVICE TECHNOLOGY CENTER (FSTC) in San Ramon, California, to examine water-using products and opportunities for energy and water efficiency. The experience of the FSTC in the food service industry has been of monumental value to the water efficiency practitioners in California and elsewhere. In particular, the FSTC was the genesis of the highly successful Pre-Rinse Spray Valve programs in California and across North America. In addition, they have provided valuable efficiency information on food steamers and commercial ice-makers.

NOTE: The FSTC programs are funded by California utility customers and administered by Pacific Gas and Electric Company under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. The FSTC's very comprehensive website can be accessed at 

Download this comprehensive 2004 FSTC-FN presentation on ENERGY and WATER savings opportunities in the food service sector:
Energy & Water Savings by FSTC