Discover Water Savings Around the Home

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The Water Saver Home is a virtual encyclopedia of water conservation information for your home.  Visit to learn more about saving water around the house.  Click on the Smart From the Start icon to download a free front yard or back yard template tailored for your climatic zone.  Templates include plant lists and irrigation information.


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The Smart Rebates Program is a statewide program is administered by the California Water Efficiency Partnership (formerly CUWCC) and offers a wide-ranging list of measures for conservation product and appliance rebates in areas that have never before operated programs.

Water Saving Tips

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Save Our Water is a statewide program aimed at helping Californians reduce their everyday water use.  Browse the Save Our Water website to uncover ideas for saving water inside and outside of your home.  The site includes ideas for water efficient gardens, tools for calculating your water use, and more.

How To Video Library


The Partnership's Video Library is a collection of water conservation 'How To' videos that cover subjects ranging from indoor water efficiency, to irrigation and landscaping, to alternative water sources. Browse the Video Library to explore ideas for saving water inside and outside of your home.  

Calculate your Water Use


The Pacific Institute WECalc online tool and the Alliance for Water Efficiency's Home Water Works Calcuator help residential water customers estimate their water use. Both tools make personalized recommendations for reducing water use. 

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