Water Shortage Tool Kit

Water Shortage Tool Kit

The Council has developed a water shortage tool kit that water service providers can use to jump start their programs to get water savings this year and future years. Currently the first 5 of the 9 tools are available to water agencies, including primers on Model Water Shortage Contingency Plans; Water Waste Ordinances and Enforcement; Water Shortage Pricing; Water Loss and Supply Alternatives; and Customer Programs and Communication. The next four tools are in final development an will be available in the coming weeks. These four tools include: Water Supply Fact Sheet and Water Use Awareness primers and templates; how to establish a Water school and recommended curriculum; and primer on Water Resources Funding. 

In addition to the water shortage tool kit, water agencies can share Council resources for the public with their customers, including H2ouse and the video library.

Turf Removal and Replacement: Lessons Learned

Water Shortage Tool Kit

A thirsty California uses over half of its urban water deliveries on landscape irrigation. Water intense turf grasses are the historical foundation of California landscaping. Water shortages, among other catalysts, are pushing California away from traditional turf grass landscapes towards sustainable landscaping. The transition from a turf-based landscape involves two steps. Turf removal is the first step, turf replacement the second. Customers’ aesthetic preferences, geographic location, and bank accounts, along with product market availability, influence both turf removal and turf replacement decisions. Statewide, water agencies are managing turf removal programs that stipulate replacement requirements, incentivizing a California landscaping transformation.

Conservation Pricing Evaluation Tool

BMP 1.4 Matrix

The “Matrix” is a unique, three-part tool to evaluate the strength of the conservation signal sent to customers by a utility’s rates, rate structures, and billing-related practices. Click here to download a copy of the Matrix along with annotations and a brief explanation of the three parts. Do you know your Matrix score?

Resources for Council Members

For Council members, the Council offers discounts on workshops, special reports, website updates, and collaborations with other entities. The Council is also working with partners to make California landscapes sustainable.

The Council is particularly interested in helping its members identify the tools for additional conservation that make the most sense for its individual members’ unique water supply situation. Please contact us with your technical assistance questions.

Cost Effectivenss Analysis Tool

Water Shortage Tool Kit

Use the Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) Tool to help guide decision making on an appropriate methods of conservation program implementation. The tool is series of MS Excel spreadsheets that evaluate a one-year investment in implementation compared to the benefits in lifetime water savings. This “return on investment” approach is useful to understand the basic business case for the various Programmatic BMPs, Flex Track and annual savings towards Gallon Per Capita Per Day (GPCD) targets as the compliance approaches for the current CUWCC MOU (as of June 2011).