BMP 1: Utility Operations

Water utilities throughout California are implementing water conservation programs and providing essential services to their customers. Water conservation includes traditional demand management measures, but also includes important utility-management based conservation measures.An important component of utility water conservation is assessing the efficiency of how water is delivered to customers.There are four subcategories that comprise signatory utility operation program responsibilities:1.Operational Practices; 2.Water Loss Control; 3.Metering and Billing; and 4.Retail Conservation Pricing. Find resources for Utility Operations Programs.

BMP 2: Public Education and School Education

Public information programs inform customers and other stakeholders about water resources so they understand why it is important to use water wisely. Effective programs also engage listeners in water-efficient behaviors so they make life-long changes in how they use water. Water conservation education can encourage a lifelong understanding and commitment to responsible use of water. When school-aged children are provided with knowledge, they can become the champions and leaders in water conservation. Find resources for Public Information and School Education programs.

BMP 3: Residential Programs

Residential water users throughout California depend on a reliable and safe supply of water for their homes. The California Urban Water Conservation Council’s Residential Best Management Practices (BMP) requirements, define the most effective, well proven water conservation methods and measures that residents, working in conjunction with water agencies, can implement. Find resources for Residential programs.

BMP 4: Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial Programs

Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial water demands make up a large percentage of total demand for California. CII water use varies dramatically between business sectors as well as within a given water agency’s territory, making conservation outreach, education, and implementation efforts more involved than similar programs in residential sectors. Best Management Practices (BMPs) within the CII sector should implement comprehensive yet flexible strategies, allowing an agency to work with businesses to tailor the implementation of each practice to fit local business needs and opportunities.  Find resources for CII programs

BMP 5: Landscape Programs

Landscape irrigation represents a significant percentage of urban water use within California; therefore improving outdoor water use efficiency is an essential component of a comprehensive water conservation program. Few areas in California receive sufficient, reliable rainfall to sustain urban landscapes needing high-to-medium amounts of water, particularly in the warmer months. Find resources for Landscape programs.