Known Issues

Below is a summary of known issues in the BMP reporting Database.  We are actively fixing these issues, and in the meantime we offer the following work-arounds.  Please let us know of any other bugs you find at
  • Online Coverage Indication does not appear to be correct:  The online coverage indication is provisional only and may not always be accurate.  After you submit all reports, please email and we will manually review your reports and email you draft coverage reports.  For more information, please see our reporting workflow.

  • Water Uses un-billed tables display entered data incorrectly: After entering data in the potable and non-potable water uses unbilled tables, the value entered for the number of metered and un-metered accounts will display as switched.  This is just a data display issue, the data is stored in the correct table.  Please enter the data in the correct data entry field and ignore the incorrect display. Data in this form is not used to determine BMP coverage.

  • BMP 1 and BMP 2: Uploaded documents disappear
    Documents uploaded to BMP 1 and BMP 2 may 'disappear' after you leave the page and return.  This is a bug that our developers are resolving.  If you experience this bug, please email the files you need to upload to  Please give the file a descriptive name that includes the BMP, year, and the agency name or acronym.  Please note, for some BMP's, such as BMP 1.1, it may not necessary to upload the document, you may be able to simply describe the BMP or provide a URL to the content instead.  

  • BMP 1.2: uploading AWWA file and submitting the form:
    AWWA Water Audit Spreadsheets give an error after uploading, additionally user cannot submit the BMP 1.2 Form.  Workaround:  Email the file to and let us know what year you are uploading the file to.  We will make sure your coverage report accurately reflects that you submitted the file.  If you cannot submit the form, when you have submitted all forms and are ready for your coverage reports, please email and let us know that you have completed the form but could not submit it.
  • BMP 1.3 Meter reading data by customer type matrix - known issues
    Issue 1:  Affects Metered Accounts Read and Metered Accounts Billed by volume data points.  Problem Description:  When adding data for metered accounts read and metered accounts billed by volume, upon saving the data, the data is displayed incorrectly.  The metered accounts read data is displayed in the metered accounts billed by volume column and vice versa.  Workaround:  Please enter the information correctly on the data entry screen.  Once saved it will show the information in the wrong columns, but Council staff will resolve the data labeling issue later.
    Issue 2: Affects Number of estimated bills/year and Number of meter readings per year data points. Problem description:  Data entered for the number of estimated bills/year displays in both the number of estimated bills/year and the number of meter readings per year columns.  The database may or may not be saving the number of meter readings per year data correctly.  Workaround: Please add the number of meter readings per year in the comments field at the bottom of the page.  For instance you could add the following to the comments field: #MR/Y: SF: 20,000 MF: 3,000, Com: 900, etc.  Please note you are limited to 250 characters in the comments field.

  • BMP 1.4 Coverage Calculation: For BMP 1.4 Option 1 the database may show "not on track", even if the entered revenue meets the 70% requirement. The coverage on this and all pages is provisional, and staff will correct any erroneous coverage calculations after the agency submits the report. The agency may also contact staff to verify if coverage for any BMP is calculated correctly. Before approving the final coverage report, agencies have an opportunity to review the draft coverage report to make sure the coverage for each BMP is listed correctly. An agency may optionally acknowledge the coverage calculated for any BMP is not correct by adding a note in the ‘comment’ box at the bottom of the reporting page.

  • BMP 1.4 Option 3 Link does not work: Some people report the option 3 link does not work. It does work, but there are some issues with different browsers. Specifically I have heard that Internet Explorer 11 does not work, but most versions of Firefox and Chrome appear to work. Some versions of IE have a ‘compatibility mode’ which might also allow IE to work with this link.

  • BMP 1.4 Option 3 forms do not open for 2015:  This is currently not functioning for 2015 in the online database.  In order to complete option 3 reporting for 2015, you can either download the spreadsheet and email it to, or email  the required information as listed in the MOU (page 31).
  • GPCD Page 'Submitted' Status: Sometimes the GPCD page shows it is submitted before data has been entered. Data entry is not possible until the ‘submitted’ status is cleared. We have a simple solution to clear the submitted status bug.
    1.Make sure you are logged in as submitter (editor) (if you do not have submitter access, please contact Council Staff:;
    2.Visit the gpcd page with the submitted message;
    3.Visit the review/submit page (link is just below the GPCD page on the left sidebar);
    4.Return to the GPCD page, the submitted status should be cleared.

  • GPCD calculations do not appear as saved:  When you add all GPCD data, calculate and then save, the reporting application displays the data correctly.  However, when you leave the GPCD page and then return to the GPCD page, the data reverts and does not display correctly.  Also, if you check Form complete, and save, then leave the page and return the form complete box is no longer checked.  Solution:  The correct calculations are still accessible, if one clicks the calculate again.  You can still complete your reporting normally and when Council staff reviews the GPCD reports, we can simply click calculate to view the correct GPCD calculations.  After completing your reporting, send us an email at for staff review and coverage reports.

  • GPCD forms do not save negative values:  To enter negative values, for instance on the change in distribution system storage form, enter the value with one decimal place.  For instance -5 would be entered -5.0.  Some users have noted that this does not work with Internet Explorer or Chrome - it does work with Firefox.

Quick Tips

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