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California drought: S.F. seeks tech fix to leaky pipes

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

John Bess of Baltimore has spent the past two weeks walking around San Francisco with his headphones and Orioles cap on. He’s logged nearly 10 miles a day, past such sites as the Embarcadero, Telegraph Hill and AT&T Park.

But Bess is no tourist. He’s searching for water leaks in the city’s underground pipelines with a special microphone and earpiece that enables him to hear escaping water from the street — rather than having to dig down and find it.

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California urban water users must get serious about conservation

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

California is in the midst of its fourth consecutive drought year, and based on a new study by Stanford scientists, it appears to be a long-time weather pattern. The December downpours were just a nice distraction. The state has to get serious about conserving water. Suggestions are not enough.

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Water Conservation Plunges

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Residential water conservation dwindled during the driest January on record in California, state water regulators announced Tuesday.

Californians saved 8.8 percent in January of this year compared with the same month in 2013, the baseline year that the State Water Resources Control Board uses for comparison. That’s a backslide compared with the 22 percent reduction in water use between December 2014 and December 2013, the agency noted. It also warned that stricter water rules are in the works amid a drought that has entered its fourth year.

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California cut water use more than 20 percent in December

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

It took a whole year of trying, but in December California at last achieved Gov. Jerry Brown’s directive to slash water use 20 percent in response to the continuing drought.

Californians collectively cut their water consumption by 22.2 percent in December compared to the prior year, based on reports filed by urban water agencies with the State Water Resources Control Board.

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Bishop Ranch Installs Drought Tolerant Landscape Program to Save Water Annually

Friday, January 16, 2015
Bishop Ranch, the premier business community created by Sunset Development Company that is home to more than 600 companies in San Francisco’s East Bay, announced the addition of a Drought Tolerant Landscape Program to its list of sustainable practices.

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