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Landscape Symposia - May 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014

The California Urban Water Conservation Council seeks your input to accelerate the pace of change towards “Achieving a New Normal in California Landscaping”.

Please join us for two symposia dedicated to this issue on May 22 (Southern California) and May 29 (Northern California.)

It is widely known that reforming California’s urban landscapes to use less water, fewer chemicals, more compost and mulch, and more climate-appropriate plants will yield huge benefits to our state in terms of water conservation, health, and biodiversity. And the drought has brought many of these issues to the forefront.

But systemic change is needed at the state and regional level to make sustainable landscaping a widely accepted practice across the state. The “Achieving a New Normal in California Landscaping” symposia seek to bring together the leaders of state and regional agencies, non profits, and businesses to identify partnership opportunities, policy changes and other solutions that will make it easier for more Californians to adopt sustainable landscape practices.

Please join us for either event. Your voice is needed to jump-start the movement toward achieving a “New Normal” in California landscapes!

Register at either or, or view the flyer here.

Drought Rate Webinar

Participate in a March 4, 2014, webinar on drought rate structures. The webinar is intended to assist water agencies develop water shortage contingency plans in response to the current drought...and beyond. Drought Rate Webinar.

Education Committee Meeting

Education Committee Meeting
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