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Infographic: California Drought Drains Groundwater Reserves and Encourages New Wells

Friday, December 19, 2014

Most aquifers in the state have dropped to record lows.

California’s disastrous three-year drought has depleted nearly all of its hydrological bank accounts. The Sierra Nevada snowpack last winter was the third-lowest on record. Soils are baked. Mammoth reservoirs are mere puddles. And groundwater tables are dropping with unprecedented speed. 

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In Silicon Valley, Symbols of California’s Drought Abound

By Circle of Blue

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

 The rutted patch of dirt outside the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s headquarters is not supposed to look like a playground for all-terrain vehicles. The 11-acre site is usually filled five-feet deep with water flowing out from distant mountains. Built in 1932, the Alamitos Groundwater Recharge project filters the supplies drip by drip into an aquifer beneath the Santa Clara Valley where the water is stored for future use. The Alamitos site is one of nearly 100 groundwater recharge ponds that the district operates. Today, in the midst of a record drought in California, nearly all are dry. There will be no deposits this year in the water bank… Read the full story:


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