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All-Member (Plenary) Meeting - North

San Jose Water Company, 1221A South Bascom Ave., San Jose, CA 95128



All-Member (Plenary) Meeting

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

10:00am - 2:30pm
San Jose Water Company
1221A South Bascom Avenue   
San Jose, CA 95128

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Our next membership meeting will be Wednesday, September 20 at the San Jose Water Company.  Please put this on your calendar and plan to attend in person.  We are strongly urging everyone to join us on site for two reasons:  1) We want to have an open membership discussion of the AWE affiliation recommendations, which are an important strategic change for the partnership; and 2) We are reinstating the former plenary tradition of having great keynote speakers and panelists. For September we have a truly killer keynote speaker confirmed:  Jamie Workman of AquaShares will open the meeting and reprise his international keynote talk that he gave at the Efficient2017 conference in Bath, England.  This will be a very interesting presentation about the customer conservation credits trading platform that he is building in Sonoma County at the Valley of the Moon Water District.  This awesome keynote talk should not be missed!
See you in San Jose on Wednesday September 20!
Please click here to see Jamie Workman's bio.

For more information, please contact Michael Walker


Board Workshop - EBMUD Pardee Facility

9/13/2017 - 9/15/2017

Location: EBMUD Pardee Facility

Event will start at noon on 9/13, and will end at 4:30pm on 9/15.


Board Meeting - EBMUD Pardee Facility


Location: EBMUD Pardee Facility

We have extra Board meetings this year and not all coincide with a quarter ending. Financial reports will only be given during those meetings that follow a quarter ending.