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Helpful Information for the Home Stretch

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

As the month of October draws to a close, many of you are finishing up your BMP reporting forms, or have already submitted them to the Council. If you have not completed your reporting and have a question, be sure to email the Council at for one stop help. No matter where you are in the process; however, this blog has some key information that may be of help to you as we finish up this reporting cycle.

Things you should know about the Metering with Commodity Rates - BMP 1.3

Thursday, October 15, 2015
This blog will cover common questions concerning this BMP, and also clarify some data requirements. As you should be aware, having metered connections, and billing the volume of water used with a commodity charge, provides a price signal that encourages customers to conserve water. Meters are also a tool that can be used to assist with leak detection on the customers-side of the meter. Regardless of whether your agency has been metered for decades or recently installed meters, you will want to complete the form thoroughly and correctly, as it’s one of the required Foundational BMPs. To help you accomplish this, please read the information provided below.

Highlighting a Member’s Innovative Program:

Smart Meter Installations at the Long Beach Water Department

Friday, October 09, 2015

Water meters that transmit readings to a networked system are becoming more common place in California, as water agencies install “Smart Meters” with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) projects. Perhaps less common though, is a recent program implemented by the Long Beach Water Department. There, customers either voluntarily requested the installation of a Smart Meter, or they involuntarily received one because of abnormal water use. But, no matter the reason for installing Smart Meters, it’s what you do with the data that can make the installation of a Smart Meter a wise investment for a water utility. In this week’s blog, I write about some thought-provoking outcomes with the Long Beach program that I received from Dean Wang, water conservation specialist with the department.

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