What is Save Our Water?

Save Our Water is a public outreach partnership between the Department of Water Resources (DWR) and the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA). Since Governor Brown declared a statewide drought emergency and asked all Californians to reduce their water use by 20%, Save Our Water has been mobilizing all of its resources to educate Californians about the drought and the many ways they can reduce their water consumption to help stretch the state's water supply.


Research shows a majority of Californians continue to think they use more water indoors than outdoors (while the opposite is true). Save Our Water shows consumers smarter ways to use sprinklers, choose better plants, and change other outdoor water behaviors that lead to long-term, sustainable water savings.

Since its inception, Save Our Water has taken its consumer-focused message directly to Californians through its website, social media, paid advertising and corporate partnerships. The program also supports local water agencies in their efforts to educate consumers about the importance of saving water. Save Our Water is an ongoing, comprehensive statewide water conservation program.

Drought Resources 


How does my organization get involved in the statewide campaign?

Become a Save Our Water partner!  There are many ways to leverage the statewide campaign.


Step 1:              Email Save Our Water staff to be added to the Save Our Water partner list. You will begin receiving program updates and the latest outreach tools.
Step 2: 
             Post a Save Our Water website button on your agency’s website. Instructions
Step 3:             
Add the Save Our Water logo to your water conservation materials.
Step 4:             
Embed the Save Our Water widget on your website. Instructions
Step 5:             
Follow Save Our Water on Twitter @saveourwater, Facebook, and Pinterest. Like Save Our Water posts to boost readership.
Step 6:             
Adapt the sample Save Our Water newsletter article for your newsletter or magazine.
Step 7:             
Promote the Save Our Water/Sunset partnership by linking to the Sunset Plant Finder and Sunset Western Garden Collection on your website.
Step 8:             
Suggest homeowners for the Real People, Real Savings campaign. Contact Brendan Wonnacott.
Step 9:             
Use Save Our Water’s seasonal campaigns on your website, social media sites, newsletters, bill inserts, and advertising.
Step 10:           Provide guest columns or suggest ideas for Save Our Water’s Words to Save By blog. Contact Brendan Wonnacott with ideas or draft blogs.
Step 11:          
Upload photos of local water-wise landscapes to the Save Our Water’s Garden of Ideas.
Step 12:          
Use photos from Save Our Water’s image library in local materials. Contact Brendan Wonnacott for assistance.
Step 13:          
If your agency has a mobile site, add links to the Save Our Water and the Sunset Plant Finder mobile site.
Step 14:           Team up with Save Our Water on local ads, bill boards, posters, bus placards and other public outreach efforts in your community. Save Our Water can provide "print ready" artwork and text for local printing. Your organization simply covers the cost of production and distribution.Contact Brendan Wonnacott.

Save Our Water Staff


Contact the Save Our Water Program Manager, Brendan Wonnacott at saveourwater@yahoo.com if you have questions about implementing any of these steps or other ideas for spreading the Save Our Water message in your community.


CalWEP Education Committee

The Education Committee is coordinating CalWEP's partnership with Save Our Water. Please tell us how you are using Save Our Water outreach tools.

In the Repository below, click the Save Our Water folder to download basic tools. Tools related to the 2014 Drought are being made available directly through the Save Our Water website. Visit

Drought 2014: Resources.


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