Education Committee

Committee Objective
The mission of the Education Committee is to train, support, and provide resources to members as they implement effective public information and school education programs that conserve water throughout California.

Strategic Approach
Develop and promote a statewide public education campaign, plan for a statewide student video contest, continue to promote WaterSense product labeling and partnerships, and promote the “New Norm” for California landscapes.

Save Our Water Resources for Council Members

The Council is partnering with Save Our Water on public outreach. As an ongoing, comprehensive statewide water conservation program, Save Our Water wants to make water conservation a permanent, daily habit for Californians. The program supports local water agencies in educating consumers saving water.

Video Contest in a Box        

Are you thinking of doing a high school video contest but don’t know where to start? Now you do! Use the Video Contest in a Box, created by Education Committee members who have years of experience running local contests. Click Video in a Box in the Repository below for guidelines, templates, case studies, and other practical tools.   




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