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The Council holds trainings and events throughout the year and across the state. Contact office for questions regarding workshop registration and payment, and Luke for questions on future trainings and for hosting and sponsorship opportunities. Please read our registration policy to learn more about our registration and refund policies. Please see details on this page for more information on past and upcoming events.

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BMP 1.4 Revision Briefing

Water Audit II Webinar Series - May 2016
View this three part series focused on the AWWA Water Audit Software, data validity, and the Water Research Foundation Component Analysis Tool.

SJC Webinar
San Juan Capistrano decision: Webinar Recording - May 2015

With the recent 4th District Court of Appeals determination that San Juan Capistrano water rates do not meet Proposition 218 requirements, it is time to review the decision with Proposition 218 legal experts: John Bakker, Michael Colantuono and Kelly Salt. In this recording of the May 12, 2015 webinar, these three attorneys discuss the decision and its implication for water conservation pricing in California.

Awesome Cycles

BMP 1.3 Mixed Use to Dedicated Irrigation Meter Feasibility Study Training - May 2013
The BMP 1.3 Feasibility tool is an optional tool that can be used by agencies to meet the requirement to conduct a study to determine the feasibility of switching mixed use meters to dedicated irrigation meters for large landscapes. If an agency has already completed their study, there is no need to complete the study again - this study is a one time requirement. The Council conducted a webinar training for this tool on May 30, 2013. A recording of the webinar is available for free to members, click the image to the left to access the training recording. Use the following links to download the power point presentation (full page slides, 3 slides per page), and printable pdf of the excel based tool.

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BMP Reporting Training Videos

Learn more about using the BMP reporting database. Videos include:

  • Getting Started with BMP Reporting
  • Foundational Reporting - BMPs 1 and 2
  • BMP 1.4 Option 3 - New
  • Programmatic Reporting - BMPs 3, 4 and 5
  • New GPCD online forms - New
  • Historical Credit Overview