Water Loss Control Training Information

BMP 1.4 Revision Briefing

Water Audit II Webinar Series - May 2016
View this three part series focused on the AWWA Water Audit Software, data validity, and the Water Research Foundation Component Analysis Tool.

Additional Water Loss Control Training Resources

Real Loss Component Analysis Tool
The Water Research Foundation in partnership with the EPA and Water Systems Optimization developed a real loss component analysis tool developed by - WRF project 4372. The Component Analysis tool is developed to work with data from the AWWA Water Audit Software. The WRF project page includes links to download the free component analysis tool, the research report, and a webinar recording.


Basic Water Audit Webinar Recording 
This 3 hour on-demand Water Loss Webinar Workshop to help agencies meet the BMP 1.2 training requirements. Two out of the three sections of this webinar are presented in a new and updated series Water Audit II.  Completing the training with this webinar meets the BMP 1.2 AWWA Water Audit Software and Component Analysis training requirements. If your agency has already signed up for the original webinar or the recording, we can provide free access to the recording.  To verify your agency's prior registration please contact us.

Water Loss Workshop Materials

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