Parking Options

There is a parking garage accessible from Government Alley* between G and H Streets and 9th and 10th Streets.  Rates are typically $2.00/.5 hr, $15/day max, $9/day early bird (arrive before 9am).

There is street parking in the area as well.  Below is a sample of street parking in the area, with duration typically increasing the further from downtown.  Please note: parking times and rates change from time to time.

Parking options as you drive north on 10th Street:**
Between H and G Streets: 1 hour paid parking
Between G Street and Fat Alley*: 10 hour limit, 12 minutes for a quarter.  Credit cards also accepted.
Between Fat Alley and D Street: 2 hour limit, Free.
D Street:  10 hour limit, 12 minutes for a quarter. MacKey card also accepted.

*Alleys are not signed, but are labeled on the map to the right.
**The free parking tends to fill up early.

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