Peter Yolles

Peter Yolles is Founder and Chief Policy Officer of WaterSmart Software. His career focus is driving the sustainable use of water resources. Peter believes that WaterSmart will transform the relationship between water utilities and consumers to educate, inform and encourage the efficient use of water in everyday lives. His twenty years of experience include water conservation and efficiency, water rights and transfers, environmental regulation, finance, economics and policy.


Reason for serving: To represent the business member perspective; to enhance the Council’s ability in utilizing software tools; to support delivering innovative water efficiency tools to member agencies and others in California; to aid water utilities in complying with state requirements; and to fulfill the Partnership’s mission.


Peter represents WaterSmart on a number of associations including CalWEP, the Education and Outreach Committee of the Alliance for Water Efficiency, and is in contact with conservation-related groups in Colorado and Texas. He is up-to-date on the latest in water efficiency technology, evaluation practices, and policy-related developments in Sacramento and Washington, DC.


Prior to founding WaterSmart, he was the Principal of Water Insight, a water management consultancy. From 2001-2008, Peter was Director of Water Resource Protection for The Nature Conservancy. As Vice President at Western Water Company, Yolles partnered with agricultural water districts to conserve and lease water to municipal water districts. At GE Capital Solutions, Yolles analyzed water investment opportunities in the municipal and corporate markets. He also held research roles at Environmental Defense Fund and the Pacific Institute.


Peter has served six years as a director on the board of the Scott River Water Trust, since its inception, including four years as President. The Trust is California’s first and only water trust having leased water from agricultural producers and irrigation districts to enhance instream flow.


He earned an MBA in Finance from Yale School of Management and MES in Water Science, Management and Policy from Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. He holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder.